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Kelvin Thomson

Composer, Arranger, Music Director,

Piano, Organ, Keyboard

Copyright © 2022 Kelvin Thomson


Dickens Fragments (2012) 

1.Grotesque 2.Drop the Curtain

for baritone and piano

Texts: Dickens, sel. and arr. Moon-Little

3’00/ 5’00 [8’00]


Commissioned by Chris Moon-Little

First performance at the Picture Gallery, RHUL 23.5.12

Chris Moon-Little, bar/Laurie O’Brien, pft



The Arrival of the Beat Box (2011)

for soprano and speaking body percussionist

Texts: from UK Copyright Law; Plath – adap. Thomson, Gk trans. Eleni; Socrates; Timotheus – It trans. Bertelli ; Pindar



First performance at the 2nd Athens Composer/Performer Conference 15.10.11

Danae Eleni, sop/Enrico Bertelli, bod.per



At Whose Voice the People Came (2009)

1. What Hope 2.In Memoriam 3.Ozymandias 4.Song’s Eternity

for alto and piano

Texts: Donne; from the Requiem Mass;

Shelley; Clare, Dickinson

4’14/ 1’23/ 2’57/ 5’09 [12’30]



The Arrival of the Bee Box (2007)

for solo-unaccompanied soprano

Text: Plath


First performance at RHUL 29.10.07

Sarah Leonard, sop

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